Self Guided Mysteries

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Self Guided Mysteries

Explore your city in an all new way – while solving a mystery!  

Using your smart phone, you will be out and about, learning some history while finding out whodunit.  During this hour and a half game, you will venture to several historic sites, gathering clues along the way.  This fantastic family friendly game is great fun while checking out the sites on vacation or just getting to know your home town better.  The whole family can play – or your whole group of friends – with just one purchase.

A smartphone is necessary to play this game.  This game is outdoors and involves walking, so be prepared to move!

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How It Works

You will be tasked with inspecting the crime scene, gathering the clues, and questioning the suspects you meet along the way.


After Purchase, you will receive a link to your game and a secret code. Visit the first page to find out your first location, and then the game is on!


Solve puzzles at each stop using what you find in your surroundings, unlock the next clue, and find out your destination!


At your final stop you will find out the solution to the mystery.


Does the game have to be played all in one day? 2020-11-30T04:53:00-05:00

No, you can play it at your leisure.  But be forewarned – your secret access passcode will eventually self destruct, so try to get the game played within a two week time frame.

How many people can play at once? 2020-11-30T04:52:28-05:00

As many as you like!  The same game can be accessed by many devices at the same time.

What should I bring with me? 2020-11-30T04:51:57-05:00

Your smart phone, comfortable shoes, clothes appropriate to the weather, and an umbrella if you need it!

Is this game played at home?2020-11-30T04:51:25-05:00

No, the game is played while engaging in a walking tour.

What do I need to play the game?2020-11-30T04:50:55-05:00

You will need a smart phone to access the clues along the way.

How long does the game take?2020-11-30T04:49:07-05:00

The game should take about an hour and a half, but also leave time to grab a bite to eat and explore some of the sites along the way!

Is this done at home or on the go?2020-11-30T04:48:34-05:00

On the go!  These self-guided mysteries will allow you to explore the history of a location while also solve a mystery, so prepare to be out and about.

Mysteries on the Move

Perhaps, just perhaps, you can stay one step ahead of a wily murderer, avoid a similar fate, and have a chance to solve a – MURDER

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