Without A Cue can help you figure out the best way to use your technology and how many guests are best.

Virtual Adventures FAQs

What if in my party not everyone knows one another?2020-10-06T13:37:54-04:00

No problem!  You will be discussing and trading clues via email and other means of communication beforehand, so you will get to know each other then!

How far in advance should I book this party?2020-10-06T13:36:51-04:00

We recommend at least three days so that everyone has a chance to dig into their character information and share their clues.

What ages is this suitable for?2020-10-06T13:36:18-04:00

This is family friendly!  We recommend ages 12 and up to join in the fun!

What kind of computer do I need to make this work?2020-10-06T13:35:41-04:00

We are using Zoom Conferencing technology, so you will need a device with access to a microphone and camera.  Laptops, desktops, iPads and iPhones have all worked!  Be sure to check your device’s capability beforehand, though.

Can two people share a device?2020-10-06T13:34:58-04:00

Yes, although our recommondation is only two people per shared device.

How many guests do I need it to work?2020-10-06T13:26:34-04:00

While it varies per theme, the minimum is generally six guests.

Is the price per party or per guest?2020-11-30T04:47:44-05:00

The price is for up to ten guests.  Ten is the maximum for a party, and there is no discount for fewer guests.

Mysteries on the Move – Solve a crime with your ghostly tour guide.

Walking Tours FAQs

How long is the tour?2020-12-01T05:32:38-05:00

All tours last about an hour.  Some may be a little shorter or a little longer, but one hour is a safe bet to plan around.

What should I bring? 2020-12-01T05:32:22-05:00

An umbrella (if necessary) and a smart phone.

What should I wear?2020-12-01T05:31:42-05:00

You should wear comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate to the weather outdoors.

How does this all work? 2020-12-01T05:31:21-05:00

You will meet your guide, who will lead you to historic locations, at which a scene will happen with another actor.  These scenes will build the mystery you are watching and provide all of the clues.  At your final destination, you will get to have a “stab” at solving the murder, and then find out whodunnit!

How many people can I bring? 2020-12-01T05:31:04-05:00

Most tours are limited to 25 guests, and tickets are sold in advance and necessary to ensure your group can participate together.

Can I book a private tour? 2020-12-01T05:30:18-05:00

Absolutely!  Just email us if you would like to buy a tour in full or book a time different from what we have scheduled.

Is it indoor or outdoor? 2020-12-01T05:29:52-05:00

Our walking tours are all outdoors.

What if it rains? 2020-12-01T05:28:50-05:00

While we try to push ahead regardless of the weather, we do understand that sometime Mother Nature will not cooperate.  In those cases, we will closely monitor the weather conditions.  If we decide to cancel, you will receive and email informing you as such as well as a full refund.

Explore your city while solving a mystery on your smartphone.

Self Guided Tours FAQs

Does the game have to be played all in one day? 2020-11-30T04:53:00-05:00

No, you can play it at your leisure.  But be forewarned – your secret access passcode will eventually self destruct, so try to get the game played within a two week time frame.

How many people can play at once? 2020-11-30T04:52:28-05:00

As many as you like!  The same game can be accessed by many devices at the same time.

What should I bring with me? 2020-11-30T04:51:57-05:00

Your smart phone, comfortable shoes, clothes appropriate to the weather, and an umbrella if you need it!

Is this game played at home?2020-11-30T04:51:25-05:00

No, the game is played while engaging in a walking tour.

What do I need to play the game?2020-11-30T04:50:55-05:00

You will need a smart phone to access the clues along the way.

How long does the game take?2020-11-30T04:49:07-05:00

The game should take about an hour and a half, but also leave time to grab a bite to eat and explore some of the sites along the way!

Is this done at home or on the go?2020-11-30T04:48:34-05:00

On the go!  These self-guided mysteries will allow you to explore the history of a location while also solve a mystery, so prepare to be out and about.

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