We Kill…Virtually…You Laugh…Together

Our Virtual Murder Mysteries Are So Good You Won’t Believe It!

Get Together On ZOOM To Sleuth, Share Some Laughs, And Solve The Murder!

  • Our Professional Mystery Detective will host and handle every detail so you and your party can relax and have fun.

  • Interact in the stories with live actors

  • The virtual game night so easy anyone can join! Forget sending invites, downloading software or keeping score–Let WAC handle it all.

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Quick Overview

As seen on 6ABC Philly!

Join a Virtual Murder Mystery!

How It Works



Solve Together

Gather 6-10 of your closest (or furthest, distance is no barrier here) accomplices online for a virtual murder mystery event like no other!! During this hour and a half online event, you and your friends will get to examine the evidence, question each other as suspects, and ultimately choose who-dun-it.


Get Your Character

Led by actors from Without A Cue Productions, your group of friends and family will be given characters and secret information online. You will have a day or two to trade information, and then will come together through video conferencing to gather more evidence and solve the murder.


Use Zoom

This real-time interactive mystery utilizes Zoom Video Conferencing which is available on almost all smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Buck's County Best

What guests are saying

“It was great fun. We did it with 7 couples and we all said we would do this again! Highly recommended.”

- Chris D. (Friend/Family Group)

“My family did it and we had a blast. The games are created by them and include trivia type and physically active types too! Would totally do it again!”

- Paula C. (Friend/Family Group)

“Our Host was awesome. We had a lot of fun. It was fun to mix it up and do something different. I will certainly recommend to others.”

- Justin A. (Friend/Family Group)

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